Moisturise Your Skin With Honey Face Mask DIY

Honey Face Mask DIY
Moisturise Your Skin With Honey Face Mask DIY

Do you want to deeply moisturise your face and neck? Here, my amazing honey face mask DIY will help you. Moisturising is never enough. In cold winter days, during windy spring and autumn and in hot summer days. You need to keep your skin hydrated at all times. Moisturising your skin is the best way to avoid signs of aging. Also, your skin will look brighter and healthier.

So, I love preparing my own moisturiser at home. And the best way to do that is an amazing honey face mask DIY. In this recipe, I will combine two amazing ingredients: coconut oil and honey. They are both my favourite recipes in DIY skincare products. Combining them in one single honey face mask DIY recipe was always my dream. And I took the step and turned my dream into reality. And the results are amazing. I really loved this mask.

Benefits of Coconut Oil

I think coconut oil is the number one ingredients of DIY skincare products. This amazing ingredient has every benefit you can think about. Coconut oil will moisturise your skin. Coconut oil will make your skin softer. Coconut oil will help you fight excess oil on your skin. And these are only few benefits of them. When you start to use this amazing ingredient, you will understand what I am talking about.

Benefits of Honey

After coconut oil, honey is my number two favourite. You can both eat and externally use this amazing ingredients. I love preparing difference honey face mask DIY at home. Actually, I have tons of different recipes with honey. Here, I will share you my most favourite and easiest recipe. So, what can honey do to your skin?

Honey will kill all the bacteria as it has powerful anti-bacterial property. This way, honey can help reducing your acne and blackheads. What is more, honey will work like a magical moisturiser. This ingredient will trap all the water under your skin. This way, your skin will be hydrated and moisturised.

Honey Face Mask Recipe

Honey Face Mask Recipe
Raw organic honey, organic coconut oil, essential lavender oil


  • 2 teaspoons of organic coconut oil
  • 1.5 teaspoons of raw organic honey
  • 1-2 drops of essential lavender oil*

* Essential lavender oil in this recipe is optional. If you don’t have that at home, you don’t need to buy it. Also, some people are allergic to essential oils. So, before adding this ingredients to your recipe, you might want to test if you are allergic. To do that, you can apply small portion of essential oil on your skin. If there is no reaction, you can add this ingredient to your honey face mask DIY. But if you experience any itching or redness, you must not use essential oil.


Combine coconut oil, organic honey and essential lavender oil (if you will use this ingredient) in a small bowl. You might want to keep coconut oil at room temperature before mixing everything. This way, coconut oil will melt at room temperature. And it is easier to mix it in this form.

When you honey face mask DIY is ready, you can apply this mask with your fingers. Apply a thin layer and evenly distribute on your face. You can also apply the mask on your neck area. Keep the mask on your face for 15-20 minutes. Wash your face with warm water.

After washing your face, you can apply your normal moisturiser. Or you can always prepare your own moisturiser at home. You can use this honey face mask DIY twice a week. If you have dry skin, you can even use it three time per week. This mask has amazing moisturising power.

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